Electromech technologies Capabilities


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Electromech Technologies' onsite multidiscipline engineering capabilities allow for rapid response to customer needs. Electromech Technologies has the ability to provide integrated product solutions involving complex mechanical, electronic, and electromagnetic systems.

Electromech Technologies custom designs, qualifies and manufactures a robust catalog of products including motors, actuators, blowers, valves, electronics and position feedback devices and windings.

Motor design

  • Brushed DC, Brushless DC, AC Synchronous, AC Induction, Variable Reluctance
  • Thermal optimization and electromagnetic circuit design
  • Infolytica
    • 2D/3D Electromagnetic (MagNet)
    • Coupled Electromagnetic and Thermal (MagNet and ThermNet)
    • MotorSolve and RM/Expert AC and DC Motor software
  • Autodesk Multiphysics
    • Thermal – Steady State and Transient

Electronics Design

  • EMI Filtering and Shielding Design
  • Closed Loop motor speed and torque control
  • CPLD, Microprocessor, and Discrete component controller design
  • RTCA DO-178/DO-254 design capabilities
  • Spice- circuit simulations
  • Orcad- schematic capture/board layout
  • Embedded Microcontrols

Mechanical Design

  • Electromechanical Actuation & Gear train design
  • Fan and Blower design
  • Specialized material selection
  • Autodesk Multiphysics:
    • Structural stress analysis – Linear, non-Linear, Transient
    • Modal and Forced Vibration analysis
  • Relex / Windchill - reliability analysis.  MTBF, FMEA, and FTA capabilities
  • Partner Capability:
    • CFD and Acoustic Modelling




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